2023 Rolex Day-Date ref. 18238 Bracelets

As it should be with the Day-Date, the ref. 18238 is most commonly found on the 18k yellow gold President bracelet from where the replica luxury watches takes its nickname. Featuring three staggered semicircular links, it is widely accepted as the finest of Rolex’s trio of metal bands, with all the strength of the Oyster and the suppleness and comfort of the Jubilee.

The outer, brushed links are solid, as are the end links, while the center links are polished and hollow. Fixing it all is the renowned Crownclasp, providing an invisible closure with just the Rolex coronet marking the break point.

In 2000 the range was renewed again, changing to the ref. 118XXX series which brought with it an uprated bracelet with all solid links as well as a new version of the clasp, with a hook-and-beak fastening. It also added a certain amount of weight because of the extra gold in use, so the band fitted to the ref. 18238 fits nicely in the middle ground of being both sturdy and secure as well as lighter on the wrist.

Another option provided was a selection of leather straps with special end pieces. These could make a huge difference to the overall look of the best fake rolex, leaving it significantly more discreet and unassuming than with all that gold.

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